Are you planning a group outing in Coventry and feeling overwhelmed with transportation options? Whether it’s for a special event, school trip, or business conference, finding the right minibus hire can be tricky.

minibus hire experts in Coventry

You need something reliable and comfortable to keep everyone together and on schedule. Coventry has a variety of minibus hire services that cater to all needs—from small groups needing 4-seater chauffeur services to larger parties requiring spacious 49-seater coaches.

Here’s an interesting fact: Minibus hire with a driver in Coventry is not just about convenience; it’s also about safety and enjoying the journey without the stress of navigating unfamiliar roads.

Our Ultimate Guide dives deep into what Godiva Travel offers, how to book your ride seamlessly online, customer reviews, contact information, and much more. This guide will steer you through choosing the ideal transport solution for your group travel needs in Coventry.

Get ready for hassle-free adventures!

Key Takeaways

  • Godiva Travel in Coventry provides a range of minibuses and coaches suitable for group sizes from 8 to 49 people.
  • Easy online booking is available with payment protection, ensuring safe transactions for customers.
  • The service covers various occasions including family outings, school trips, corporate events, and city tours across Coventry and surrounding areas.
  • Customers can choose from popular pick – up locations like Coventry Train Station and Birmingham Airport.
  • Satisfied customers praise Godiva Travel for its reliable services, large coverage area, and professional drivers.


Minibus Hire Options in Coventry

When it comes to minibus hire options in Coventry, there are various choices to suit your specific needs. From 8-16  seater minibuses to 24-49 seater coaches, you’ll find the perfect transportation for your group travel requirements.

Executive minibus hire Coventry

8-16 seater minibuses

Minibus hire in Coventry includes versatile 8-16 seater minibuses suitable for small to medium-sized groups. These minibuses provide a comfortable and convenient travel option for family outings, group excursions, and business events.

With reliable transportation services, these minibuses cater to diverse group travel needs within Coventry and surrounding areas. Whether it’s a school trip or corporate event, the 8-16 seater minibuses ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey, offering affordability without compromising on comfort or reliability.

For city tours, airport transfers, or private group transportation in Coventry, the 8-16 seater minibuses present an ideal solution for hassle-free travel experiences. Furthermore, with professional drivers at the helm of these minibuses equipped with ample space and modern amenities, passengers can enjoy a safe and pleasant journey tailored to their specific requirements.


24-49 seater coaches

24-49 seater coaches are available for larger group travel needs in Coventry, providing a comfortable and convenient transportation option for events, corporate outings, and city tours.

These coaches offer spacious seating arrangements, making them ideal for accommodating bigger groups while ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey. With reliable and professional services like Godiva Travel, booking these coaches is hassle-free, offering a comprehensive solution for large group transportation with the assurance of safety and comfort.

Coaches of this size are perfect for school trips or corporate events in Coventry. They provide ample space to accommodate larger groups while ensuring that everyone can travel together comfortably with ease.


Why Choose Godiva Travel for Minibus and Coach Hire in Coventry

Godiva Travel offers reliable and professional services for a wide range of occasions, with extensive coverage of Coventry and surrounding areas. Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing Godiva Travel for your minibus and coach hire needs in Coventry.

Reliable and professional services

Godiva Travel in Coventry offers reliable and professional minibus and coach hire services for various occasions. Their experienced drivers provide safe transportation for groups of 8-30 people, ensuring a comfortable and convenient travel experience.

With a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, Godiva Travel is committed to delivering top-notch service, making them the go-to choice for affordable and trustworthy minibus hire in Coventry.

Their wide coverage of Coventry and surrounding areas ensures that holidaymakers, business travellers, and event organisers can rely on their efficient transportation solutions. Whether it’s a family outing, corporate event, or school trip, Godiva Travel’s dedication to providing high-quality services makes them the perfect choice for group travel needs in Coventry.


Wide range of occasions catered to

Godiva Travel offers a wide range of occasions catered to, including family outingscorporate eventsschool trips, and city tours in Coventry. Whether you need transportation for a holiday or business travel, their reliable and professional services ensure a comfortable journey for groups of 8-30 people.

With minibuses available for various group sizes and travel requirements, they aim to provide convenient and affordable options for different occasions.

Their extensive coverage of Coventry and surrounding areas makes them an ideal choice for those seeking private group transportation or shuttle services. Additionally, they offer minibus hire with a driver, ensuring that your travel needs are taken care of with convenience and comfort.


Extensive coverage of Coventry and surrounding areas

Explore our minibus and coach hire services with extensive coverage in Coventry and surrounding areas. Perfect for school trips, corporate events, or city tours within Coventry, our reliable transportation options cater to various group travel needs.

Whether it’s a visit to the historical Coventry Cathedral or a day out at Coombe Abbey Country Park, our minibuses and coaches offer convenient and comfortable travel for groups of all sizes.

Discover reliable and professional minibus hire options in Coventry with extensive coverage for your next outing or event. From airport transfers to city sightseeing, our services ensure efficient transport for your group throughout the beautiful locales in and around Coventry.


How to Book Minibus and Coach Hire with Godiva Travel

Booking a minibus or coach with Godiva Travel is easy and convenient. With their online booking system and payment protection, you can secure your transportation in just three simple steps.

Plus, they offer popular pick-up locations in Coventry for added convenience.

Online booking with payment protection


Book your minibus or coach hire online with Godiva Travel for secure payment protection. Choose from a variety of vehicles, coaches and 8-16 seater minibuses, all available for easy online booking.

Benefit from the convenience of three simple steps to reserve your transportation without any hassle. Your comfort and security are our priorities when you book your minibus or coach with us.

For more peace of mind during your travel planning, every online booking through Godiva Travel comes with payment protection. Whether it’s for corporate events, school trips, or city tours in Coventry and surrounding areas, rest assured that your transaction is safe and secured against unforeseen circumstances.


Three simple steps

Browse our user-friendly website and select your desired minibus or coach hire option. Enter your pick-up location, destination, and travel dates to check availability and pricing.

Complete the secure online booking form with payment protection for a stress-free reservation process. Godiva Travel stands ready to cater to all your transportation needs in Coventry and surrounding areas.

Now that you know the simple steps for booking minibus or coach hire with Godiva Travel in Coventry, let’s explore popular pick-up locations in the city.


Popular pick-up locations in Coventry

Popular pick-up locations in Coventry include the bustling Coventry Train Station, offering a convenient starting point for your group travel adventure. For those arriving by air, Birmingham Airport is a key pick-up location that provides easy access to minibus and coach hire services.

If you’re starting your journey from the heart of the city, the Central Coach Park offers accessible and centralised pick-up options for seamless group transportation.

Coventry Train Station and Birmingham Airport are popular pick-up points in Coventry, providing convenient access to reliable minibus and coach hire services. Additionally, the Central Coach Park serves as a centralised location for those commencing their travels within the city.

Customer Reviews and Contact Information

Read what our satisfied customers have to say about their experiences with Godiva Travel. For further information and to get in touch, you can find our contact details and useful links for additional information and social media on our website.


Client testimonials

Client testimonials for Godiva Travel’s minibus and coach hire services in Coventry speak volumes about the reliable and professional experiences they offer. Customers have praised the company for its comfortable and convenient group travel packages, catering to various occasions such as family outings, corporate events, school trips, and city tours.

Not only does Godiva Travel provide affordable minibus rental with drivers in Coventry, but it also ensures a safe and enjoyable transportation experience. Many have highlighted the extensive coverage of Coventry and surrounding areas, making it a top choice for holidaymakers, business travellers, and event organisers seeking seamless transportation solutions.

The client testimonials also emphasise the impeccable service provided by Godiva Travel for their 8-30 seater minibuses and 24-49 seater coaches in Coventry. It’s evident that customers appreciate not only the comfort of their travel but also the reliability of online booking with payment protection.


Contact details

For all your minibus and coach hire needs in Coventry, you can contact Godiva Travel at 02476 666555 or email Our friendly and knowledgeable team will assist you with booking, providing information on available options, prices, and pick-up locations.

You can also visit our website for online booking and payment protection, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your group travel needs in Coventry.

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To access additional information and stay connected with Godiva Travel, visit our website for details on minibus hire options, booking process, customer reviews, and more. You can also follow us on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to keep updated with the latest offers, travel tips, and events in Coventry.

Stay informed about minibuses shuttle services through our blog posts as well. Let’s dive into the comprehensive guide of minibus hire options available in Coventry.

For all your minibus hire needs or queries please contact us directly through the provided contact details.


In conclusion, Coventry offers a wide range of minibus hire options catering to different group sizes and travel needs. Consider choosing Godiva Travel for reliable, professional, and convenient minibus and coach hire services in the area.

With online booking and payment protection, it’s easy to arrange your group transportation for various occasions. Explore customer reviews and contact information on their website or social media to make an informed decision about your next group travel adventure.


1. What is minibus hire in Coventry?

Minibus hire in Coventry is a service where groups can hire minibuses for travel, city tours, and events with options to have a driver included.

2. Can I find minibus rental with a driver in Coventry?

Yes, you can easily find minibus rental services that come with experienced drivers for safe and convenient transportation around Coventry.

3. Are there mini coach hires available for corporate events in Coventry?

Absolutely! Mini coach hires are perfect for corporate events offering comfortable and professional group transport services within Coventry.

4. How do I choose the right size of minibus for my group travel in Coventry?

Coventry has various options; look at the number of seats available – typically ranging from smaller minibuses to larger ones —and pick one that fits your group’s needs perfectly.

5. Is it affordable to rent a minibus for an event or tour in Coventry?

Yes, many companies offer competitive prices making it quite affordable to hire minibuses whether it’s for short transfers or full-day city tours.